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Intuitive Life and Business Sparks - reconnect to your intuition with Dr. Barbara Bryce

Jun 29, 2020

In this episode I talk about the time quality and the impulse I get to speak about tidying up. By tidying up I don’t only mean the physical tidying but also the inner tidying up. It’s an invitation to use this fresh energy to tidy up. 

In this episode I speak about:

⭐systemic family constellation

⭐connection to our ancestors

⭐freeing yourself from mindset, emotions, patterns from previous generations

⭐gaining back grace and freedom

⭐deep gratitude for the lives of your ancestors


You are allowed to thrive and to go for it. You can do it your own way, you will find tools and people to support you. You are allowed to get help on this. That is the beauty of this digital era. To connect with people who are able support you on your journey. And I am one of them who is happy and able to support you, on your journey.

It’s time to tidy up.



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